GAT 09 – George Clooney

Before I say anything else, please read this very short The Age article online:

George Clooney The Answer for VCE Pranksters

This way I don’t have to explain it all.

So, yes, in summary, I did include George Clooney into my GAT. I was tempted to include it into the informative piece, where I was writing about the lifespan and functions of the worker bee, and how in its “Golden Years” – much like George Clooney is now…but no I decided it would only be wise to include it in the opinion section.

The opinion section was about possessions. So:

“…to have possessions would make people happy. And happiness is an individual thing. Some people may be happy with what little they have, such as George Clooney and his Nespresso coffees…”

“…sure, possessions lessen our appreciation for traditional things, as was George Clooney’s appreciation of fine women for instant coffee shots…”

And I only thought about this one after I finished it:

“…possessions make us happy. Just like if one was to possess George Clooney.”

Now, as you may have read, VCAA did not say if they would mark down those who mention Clooney. But hey I think if they do, that’s just a reflection of their stupid conservative ways, and absolute rigidity. Here, we finally have all the students uniting to be CREATIVE in such a boring assessment, and actually looking FORWARD to sitting the GAT, and what do you do? You reward them by marking them down. Bad children, who taught you to be creative and find fun in life? You MUST do things as we tell you and be stuck in the mould we’ve set.

Well, we’ll see what happens. I’m pretty sure if they (VCAA) marked this down the students would all revolt. After all, as long as it was relevant, it’s like marking someone down for using black pen instead of blue.

I finished the thing an hour early. Had time for a Maccas run.


10 thoughts on “GAT 09 – George Clooney

  1. grats on getting past midyears

    and love that George Clooney prank ahahaha, if only there was one just as good last year =D

    Nope, Class of ’09 is the best!


    I just googled this and so I read your blog and then I scrolled up and saw the picture and I was like, hey, she looks familiar and then i realised who you were!!!

    Your favourite VET buddy, and no, it’s no epi-tome.

    Oh didn’t you know I have this blog? Geez Nay.

  3. lol.. i compared the drone bee to George Clooney, and noted that George Clooney often has sex with the quenn 😉

    HAHAHHAH KUDOS TO YOU MATE! That’s even better. I think on Facebook I read some guy said “people will always want possessions. Just like a man’s need for a good sports car, or every woman’s innate desire for George Clooney.”

  4. i had to make relevant ones coz i actually need the GAT this yr =S
    so i jst did it in the second one to be safe.
    “i peered out of the window and stared into the depth of the city. I gazed at the luxury hotels and high-rise apartments. I thought to myself, ‘George Clooney proabably lives in one of those.'”

    “I was sure the receptionist would notice me. I felt sexy. George Clooney was there, heading to the escalators with camera crews and business people following him. I saw his clothes. His suit looked twice as expensive as mine.”

    Lol people actually wrote different formats, which is quite new. I only just basically put pen to paper and scribbled out some random paragraphed rant. But using narrative, that’s cool!

  5. heres mine

    “Similar to the Queen Bee. George Clooney mates with between 100-500 different males in any one period of time”


    HAHAHAHA! Highlighting Clooney’s promiscuity AND gayness, NICE!

  6. As if VCAA would mark down papers that mentioned George Clooney. Especially if it was in context. I thought they’d be happy that people would actually want to sit the gat. At least I’m only doing one 3/4 subject this year. I included him once in the second writing task.

    “Material possessions cannot make us as happy as people or pets. For example, George Clooney had a special bond with his pet pig…”

    Yeah, lame, I know.

    Did he actually have a pet pig? Oh wow pig…George Clooney…it does make sense. And you’re right Lauren, they should not mark us down.

  7. “The drone bees only purpose is to assist the Queen Bee on reproduction, kind of similar to George Clooney.”

    Aw CJ babe, someone’s already written something like that. Nice try though.

  8. hehe yeah most of my friends down in the sticks included dear george clooney…
    the best iv heard was in the bees. one friend wrote a story about george owning bees and another spoke of the symbols for bees being industry and fertility, just as george clooney is also…

  9. Haters Gon Hate « Net Communications

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